Construction Project Closeout

Construction Project Closeout

A successful closeout is key to financial success. The right construction closeout plan is necessary to properly and efficiently closeout a project.  No matter how well the final stage looks, it’s not over, and the job is not complete until all phases of the closeout have been accomplished. At this stage of the construction project, all aspects and dimensions of the entire project need to be completely finished and signed off before everyone begins to disperse. The right approach at this level can ward off problems and ensure a successful closeout. Wrapping up a project properly is impressive to everyone involved in the construction project.

With careful analysis and planning, contractors and builders can protect themselves from paying for claims and eventually close out the project. Once a construction dispute arises, the parties involved find themselves wondering what the best course of action is. Construction disputes leading to claims can be time-consuming, harmful to a contractor’s reputation and damaging to the relationship of their clients. Claims are costly, and both parties end up disrupting their relationship and the project. However, claims are avoidable. Various strategies and practices can be used to reduce the frequency of claims as a number of claims appear to be unwarranted.

To reduce or minimize the occurrence of a dispute, it is better to seek and optimize each aspect of the construction process.  Construction dispute resolution begins with the construction contract and clarifying the causes of the dispute. Negotiation is the most basic means of settling differences occurring in the course of the construction project. It is a two-way communication between the parties involved in the conflict with the goal of finding a solution for the good of everybody. Negotiations allow both parties to participate directly in decision-making to resolve the causes of the conflict. The needs and views of both parties should be considered in order to come up with an agreement that can become a valid contract and be enforceable. Avoiding and minimizing the occurrences of claims can lead to a successful closeout of a construction project.

Closing out a construction project can often be a complicated and tiring process. If conflicts and disputes are settled at an early stage, the closeout process will be simple and smooth.

No matter the size of the company, the same effort and energy during the project start-up should be accorded during closeout. Having and maintaining a closeout focus makes the final closeout efforts less stressful and more profitable.

Over the years, the definition of project success has changed. Currently, the definition of a successful construction project is accomplishing the project on time, within budget and with an acceptable level of quality. The ultimate factor in determining a successful project closeout is how well the construction team has serviced the client throughout the duration of the project. The secret is managing project goals from the beginning and following-up after the project has been completed to ensure client satisfaction.

How you finish your construction project is often how the client will remember your construction company.

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